• Vision Clarification
  • Set Business Objectives and Measurables
  • Drive Execution with Discipline & Accountability
  • Systemize Your Business
  • Identify and Solve Problems
  • Right People, Right Seats
Check Your Business

Why do EOS tools and resources work so well?

They are built for smaller, growing, busy entrepreneurial companies to get everyone rowing in sync and in the same direction.

They use holistic, proven processes and approach. They do not treat symptoms and are designed to produce real results that can be measured.

They bring focus, discipline and accountability.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are your people clear on what they are working toward and what to prioritize?
  • Do you feel like you’re frustrated by working on too much of the execution of the business versus spending more time as the visionary and working on the business?
  • Does it seem like you’re working really hard and not getting expected profits?
  • Has your business reached a level it cannot seem to get past? Has it gotten ‘stuck’ at a level and you need help getting it unstuck?
  • Does your leadership team have a vision that they are all on the same page on and striving together for?
  • Is your business in that ‘in between’ place where you do not yet need an integrator, COO or CRO full time yet?
  • Are you the type of entrepreneur that needs a person to be the glue to hold everything together?
  • Are you great at visioning/idea generating and thinking in the future, and not so great at leading and managing teams?

How I can help

Fractional Integrator

Freeing up the Visionary to focus on what they do best and love to do for the highest best use of the organization

  • Facilitate an EOS self-implementation
  • Facilitate discovery, capturing the founder’s vision
  • Drive execution of the plan
  • Visionary/Integrator Same Page meetings
  • Organize accountability of the people, data, issues, processes
  • Set meeting rhythm development
  • Develop scorecards and measurements
  • Manage and facilitate quarterly rock setting and accountability with milestones
  • Run Level 10 meetings
  • Lead, manage and hold accountable the team, freeing up the visionary
  • Facilitate capturing systems and process’s including documentation with the 20/80 approach
  • Special projects
  • Remove obstacles and barriers so the team can execute better/faster

Interim Integrator

Same list as Fractional Integrator and full time for a period of time

  • Invest 6-12 months seeking to understand, build team and processes to get momentum
  • Help recruit, onboard, train and ensure successful handoff for the new Integrator
  • Available to do project work on going for hourly fee

Integrator Development and Coaching

  • Mentoring & training team member stepping into the Integrator role
  • Lead, manage, hold accountable of the Integrator
  • Manage a transitional period
  • Evaluate competency of new team member stepping into the role
  • If needed, make a change to fractional or help recruit new person and then train them and manage successful transition
  • Available to do project work on going for hourly fee

Consulting and Coaching

  • For entrepreneurs who have had a great start and are not sure where they are going next or need organization
  • Helping the Visionary discover what they want from the business, where they are going and how they can get there
  • Starting the basics of EOS with an emphasis on developing 90 day rocks for the visionary and any other leadership team members
  • Mindset and Highest Best Use development
  • Right structure and accountability chart for growth
  • Right people, core values discovery and implementation
  • 90 Day priorities