I was born in a small town in rural Alberta, Canada. I grew up in the country with horses, motorbikes, riding lawn mowers, barns, and chores. This made me a natural “get things done” problem solver, like figuring out how to most efficiently cut acres of grass, troubleshoot an engine breakdown, and how to lead — and be led by — a horse.

I’m also the offspring of two entrepreneurs that divorced when I was very young.  I’ve had to work very hard to overcome the personal challenges that on one end of the spectrum made me a high achiever and on the other end, riddled with anxiety and fear that impeded success in other areas. The combination of being an empath and having a passion for things greater than myself is the base which has made me highly successful in deep listening with a quick ability to identify gaps and make connections.



This naturally extends into my professional life where I’m a problem solver and a change maker. My natural talent is helping entrepreneurs articulate the big picture (and oftentimes helping them see it) and bring it down to the ground to help teams execute. I bring experience from working inside SMB, SME, and large enterprise companies that modeled best practices and realized growth, to those companies with leadership practices that obstructed growth.

I feel lucky that I both enjoy and am naturally talented at helping entrepreneurs carry out the vision and get traction. There is nothing better to me than seeing the future with someone, providing the roadmap, getting teams to want to work together to accomplish the goals of a company, and that company helping their people meet personal goals, the customers winning as a result.  All for a win/win/win.

My core values are: stay disciplined, be flexible, be growth-for-all oriented, do the right thing, and keep it simple.
Working with the people who want to invest their time and energy toward realizing the entrepreneur’s vision, and the entrepreneur willing to invest in those people creates the conditions for excellence.

Body, Mind and Spirit

I’m a certified authentic Pilates and yoga instructor with over 10,000 hours of teaching and practice. I’m mastering the 8 Limbs of Yoga, which are the prerequisites to having the ability to sit completely still, in silence for meditation. Doing the physical practice of yoga is the third pre-requisite. The 8 Limbs is a disciplinary set of tools that I continue going back to, to stabilize, guide and help me align in body and mind. In fact, one of my side passions is offering workshops to teach people about the 8 Limbs of Yoga for stress reduction.

Amidst this work, I’m guided by the underlying need for balance in everything — recognizing the yin and yang contrary forces that are complementary and interdependent. A mother nature example is the sun and moon. A professional example is a Chief Sales Officer (CSO) needing to hit quotas and a Chief Operating Officer (COO) needing to manage profitability.

I’m also a fixed wing pilot. I’ve flown single engine planes across North America, Canada and Mexico, navigating some of the busiest airspaces across the continent. I’m a quick learner with the discipline to complete projects and to apply knowledge across many areas in life.

I also love tennis and golf as they include strategy, exercise, fresh air and being with people I like to cheer on, my favorite kind of game.

Jeanne Yoga Pose


Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

My quest for excellence of what’s important includes helping our youth, particularly our youth that have no support system. One organization I have chosen to support is Just In Time For Foster Youth. When our foster children turn 18 years of age, foster care stops and teenagers are left without essential family support. Just In Time For Foster Youth is a San Diego based organization that focuses to help our youth in transition between ages 18 – 26 with critical resources such as stable housing, essential education, meaningful employment, financial literacy, and health and well-being practices. Thanks to this wonderful organization, we are realizing different and better outcomes for our youth.

If I could tackle everything, I would also tackle the trafficking and exploitation of humans and animals, as well as working to make healthcare and education ‘affordable’ (not free) and ‘accessible’ for all citizens in the United States.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about me.

To find out how we can collaborate or work together, send me a note at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you.