As Ray Dalio (Founder of Bridgewater, American Billionaire, and Author of must read books) put it: Meditation enhances open-mindedness, higher-level perspectives, equanimity, and creativity by slowing things down to act calmly in the face of chaos.

Jeanne offers coaching classes specifically designed for fast and hard charging high performing people, teaching the path to meditation practices (the pre-requisites) which are centered around three core themes:

Mental Stability

  • Identify areas causing instability (distractions) of the mind
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Create a practical path to success

Breath & Body

  • Identify level of connection with breath
  • Use breath to connect mind with body for focus, clarity, alignment
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Create a practical path to success

Path to Meditation

  • Identify challenges to meditation
  • Identify meditation readiness
  • Map prerequisites needed to meditate
  • Create a practical path to success


Practicing to acquire complete knowledge of the self.  To gain control of.

“He who knows others is wise.  He who knows himself is enlightened”

We brought Jeanne Cummings on board as interim CEO and within a period of months she was able to make meaningful changes to the organizational structure of the business and align the work of all stakeholders to effectively focus on our core needs. She accomplished changes that positioned us to effectively regain our trajectory of growth. Jeanne is effective at assessing the state of an organization, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, making meaningful changes in organizational structure, building teams and accountability and generally optimizing an organization to perform to its fullest capability.

BriggsFounder at Express Identification Products

When I think of a definition of leader… Jeanne comes to mind. She is not only a CEO, but a true leader that enlightened everyone’s path. She changed not only the company processes but motivated and touched everyone’s lives here. She made everyone feel heard, acknowledged, and empowered. The change was dramatic! I was amazed at how impactful the right encouragement can do to a company and everyone in it. We became our best version because of her.

CynthiaHead of HR

Jeanne is calm at the helm.

GladysHead of Account Management Team

Having worked with Jeanne directly, confidently say she is a results-driven yet big picture operator. Jeanne was able to navigate a tricky assignment in my organization of improving customer CX while monetizing that interaction. Her inventive solutions and steady hand on deployment helped us through a challenging transition.

Andy NunezCEO

Jeanne is driven, passionate and very capable. She lead the Lascom partnership across Sage to build relationships with key stakeholders, create joint pipeline opportunities and made sure that everyone involved in reselling the solution was kept updated on performance. Jeanne is a trusted ally that you can rely on and an asset to any organisation.

Michael De JonghChief Commercial Officer | Board Director at Avvio

Focused, captivating and authoritative. These words describe Jeanne at her best — at the boardroom table. You'll follow her words, you'll connect with the "why" and then you'll hire her because you know she'll get the job done. She's an intuitive leader that turns thoughts into actions. She quickly cuts through the clutter and moves from strategy to tactics and on to results. I have nothing but the highest respect for her professional skills.

Sean YoungManaging Director at Streetscape Technologies

Jeanne, I met with Ed yesterday... he was very impressed with you and the frank feedback you provided. He is very energized and excited to work on the key areas of opportunity you identified. Ed remarked that this was the first time in twelve plus years that [he] had been exposed to this level of coaching

SteveDivisional Vice President